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Automatic single film paper cup machine

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-07
Automatic single film paper cup machine is a multi-station automatic molding machine, it through the automatic paper feeding, sealing, Glue glass) , filling, filling, heating, knurling, continuous processes such as edge, and photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting, and other functions, is the production of cardboard beverage mugs, tea mugs, coffee cup, advertising paper cups, ice cream cups, or other food cone shape of the container ideal equipment. Adopts stepless frequency control of motor speed, Production speed adjusted easily) Photoelectric monitoring: automatic fault alarm and counting. According to the requirements of customers design and production of mould, through changing mold can produce a variety of specifications size of paper cups, achieve multi-usage. 1. Will have been printed paper ( The expansion of the cup) Automatic processing molding for paper cup shape. 2. Through thermoforming adhesive paper cup sucked ( According to the characteristics of PE film paper) 。 3. The bottom of the paper, using the web, automatic feed, cutting. 4. Cup, cup bottom glue: glue blowing hot air. 5. Knurling: glue at the bottom of paper cup, through the mechanical movement, rolling on a layer of impressions. 6. Edge: paper cup edge shape of the mouth
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