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Attention to buy paper cups

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-17
We can see the price on the market in the 4 - About 5 points of paper cups, paper cups quality is poor, the manufacturer's profit is very limited, also really even as low as an LCL ( 2000 only) Only earn a 0. 50 - 1. 00 yuan. So low profits can make the factory in the production of each working procedure to ensure the health and the quality is very suspicious. 。 And paper cups paper because very thin easy cup body deformation, put hot water hot, etc. There is a big security hidden danger. Especially the unit not to use inferior paper cups, this will affect the company's image. 2, choose the brand of paper cups factory products: there are many advertising paper cups businesses they didn't actually own production base, but by looking for other paper cups manufacturers to sell paper cups. Do customers may also from them to buy good quality paper cups, but if problems middlemen often cannot provide solution, because it is impossible to control the entire production process. So easy to corporate customers a lot of trouble. The best way to distinguish whether it is direct manufacturers is required to provide its business license, production hygiene license. Formal manufacturer has an obligation to provide customers when a quarter of the national health department to provide product health qualified inspection report, to ensure the health of paper cups.
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