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Application of carton forming machine


Application description

The three-dimensional carton forming machine is a special forming machine that can produce hamburger boxes, square boxes, food boxes (can be taken out), french fries boxes, etc. made of cardboard and corrugated paper. There are various forms of carton machine forming machines. At present, paper box manufacturers use more carton forming machines: Tiandi cover carton forming machine, cigarette pack carton forming machine, wine box carton forming machine and so on.

Three-dimensional carton forming machine is mainly used for the production of mobile phone boxes, watch boxes, jewelry boxes and other boxes. Not only does it save resources in terms of manpower use, it also plays a big role in the allocation of production area.

The production line of the stereo box forming machine is suitable for various packaging industries, such as wedding candy boxes, electronic product packaging, high-end shoe boxes, skin care products boxes, tea boxes, etc. The application scope of the three-dimensional carton forming machine is wide, mainly manifested in the above places. We all need the correct method to operate and use the three-dimensional carton forming machine. Carton boxes such as drawer boxes, such as wine boxes are often used in high-end liquor white dress, the bottom of which is a square cuboid.


DEBAO-118DT intelligent paper cup sleeve machine is using tabletop layout, which isolates the transmission parts and the forming molds. This layout is convenient for cleaning and for maintenance. The machine use longitudinal shaft transmission structure, barrel indexing cam and gear drive, ensuring stability and accuracy. All transmission and driving parts are running in oil bath. The production speed is up to 118/min. depends on size and material. it is an idel machine to produce 8-44oz  sleeved cups which is widely used in milk-tea cups, coffee cups, ripple cups, noodle bowls and so on for heat resistant purposes.

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