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About the content of the paper bowl machine maintenance instructions

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-24
Paper bowl machine list from literal meaning can know it is a kind of produce paper bowl of machinery and equipment, paper bowl machine to produce paper bowl with instant noodles bowl, fast food packaging paper bowl, etc. , like milk tea cup, coffee cup is also able to produce. Paper bowl machine produces power is high, easy to use. As the demand for large paper bowl produce equipment, it is necessary to maintain its work, can greatly prolong the service life of paper bowl machine, can reduce the damaged parts. So the paper bowl machine how to maintain? By bo mechanical work personnel, we summarized the following points: 1, need time to paper bowl machine produce paper bowl sundries in the process of rooting out clean, to its comprehensive and carefully cleaned. 2, need to pay attention to the correct operation of paper bowl machine, want to insist on good paper bowl machine operation, operation part still need to adhere to the good lubrication. 3, when working in a paper bowl machine, but not the increase of knurling rolling rolling pressure, long-term high temperature heater operation should be properly stop to rest for a while. 4, paper bowl machine should insist on clean production environment, no pollution, completes the moistureproof, fire prevention measures. 5, do not use paper bowl machine, the use of clean, can cover equipment of plastic film cover, in order to avoid dust, affect the maintenance effect. Therefore, paper bowl machine produced paper products are needed for the food industry, which is due to the high demand, equipment operators carefully kept more demand, but also to ensure that the produced paper bowl clean, no pollution. Such talents useful to postpone the use of paper bowl machine life, yield and quality of power ability improvement, ability makes disposable paper bowl centering supplies.
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