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About the answer paper cup machine which is good

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-17
In some time ago to participate in a machinery exhibition, the exhibition met many, many customers ask me the same question, what kind of paper cup machine is good, what brand of paper cup machine, paper cup machine which is good wait for a problem, first of all, we know what are disposable paper cup production equipment? Disposable paper cup according to use can be divided into three kinds, and cold drink cup, drink a cup of ice cream cup; According to the paper cups used coating can be divided into three kinds, wax cups, polyethylene coating glass and double straight wall cup. Waxed inner surface coated with a layer of, what are the production of disposable paper cup production equipment specific? Small make up adjusted, the following is a detailed introduction. Automatic medium speed paper cup machine is a multi-station automatic high-speed machines, with automatic feed, heat sealing tube, lubrication at the top, bottom and a cup in the bottom of the cup, cup bottom heating, rolling and edge, top of the finished product waft continuous process, can adapt to the production of single or double-side film cold and hot paper cups, ice cream cups, etc. two Automatic paper cup forming machine is designed for the 12 oz cup under developed a small machine. It is a multi-station automatic machinery, it through the automatic feed, sealed in the cylinder, the bottom lubrication, at the bottom of the bottom paper, heating, knurling, top edge, piping, unloading, stacking the finished product, such as continuous process, the production of paper cup, ice cream cup cone sets or other food containers. Three, high speed paper cup machine is a kind of double rotary table, double division of the high performance automatic machines, automatic feeding, imported heater sealing, lubrication, automatic cup bottom, at the top roller, the double location warp and function such as automatic cup, cup production type with single-side and double-side film cold drink cup, milk tea cup and cup type. See here, a lot of friends to ask, what brand of paper cup machine is good, the paper cup machine which good? First recommend our new debao machinery, debao mechanical independent research and development production of disposable paper cup production equipment has obtained patent, the product sells in distant markets at home and abroad, favored by the majority of customer trust, welcome new and old customers call advisory! For more details: http://www. newtop。 香港
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