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A simple introduction paper bowl machine industry

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-10
At present the national production of paper pulp degradable tableware manufacturers more than 100, annual production capacity is 3 billion only. And according to the National Bureau of Statistics figures show, the national consumption annually boxes with li riceses leave, dishes, cups and so on a total of about 10 billion or so, so, in the year to December 31 must fill this gap, this 7 billion paper tableware and where you come from? According to the national light industry bureau the convenient food disposable foam plastic packaging alternative work leading group office vice director li said that our country from the end of 1994 in early 1995 to make up my mind to control pollution, and began to replace the product research and development work. Develop alternative products at the end of 1997, 1998, in 1999 the two years to produce technology have a leap, but is also leading in the world. With 600 ml of ordinary lunch box, for example, 1997 years ago developed product are only cost price list about 3 hair, so now, many products have a large number of exports to the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and also for should not be often happen, fujian quanzhou a enterprise's products have also been designated fast food utensils as the Sydney Olympic Games this year, far as well as the international market and domestic market, this is a strange phenomenon. Domestic market doesn't accept this price, because the existing manufacturers countries are reluctant to do the domestic market to foreign market well. He thinks that the domestic market for pulp boxes 2 wool prices don't accept this problem should be more specific analysis. In fact, is not the final consumers don't accept, more than 1 piece, such as mineral water bottles eight MAO, coke 2 pieces of 5 MAO, pot 1 piece of consumers have to accept more, a few dollars of instant noodles, some even more than 10 blocks of fast food meals, only 2 more box MAO, consumers can accept completely, the key is the consumer in the consumer when the product is in a passive position, but also because ban transition time span is big, replacement and replacement tableware overlapping period is long, use among enterprises often choose low price without paper tableware. Is because instead of overlapping time is too long, a lot of disposable tableware production enterprises long-term economic benefits while saw the paper pulp molding tableware, but in the current price gap under the background of situation and policy, they still hold wait-and-see attitude. Li told reporters that alternative work leading group is applied for by the national light industry bureau jointly with other relevant departments to strengthen economic regulation and the environmental pollution by substitute products for the production of enterprises levied taxes, effectively support the growth and development of alternative products enterprise, use economic means to regulate the market economy in the stage of the product price difference. Japan, the United States and other advanced countries are such an action. Zhu on May 27 last year of disposable foam tableware alternative work instructions, points out that in the working process of the governance white pollution cannot blind investment rush. Led to the setc, grasping the disposable tableware production of national standards. Die clear background, rational layout. According to the spirit, the state economic and trade commission, the ministry of health, Ministry of Science and Technology and the state bureau of quality and technical supervision jointly issued the national standards of disposable tableware production.
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