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A brief introduction related equipment for the production of paper cups, paper bowl

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-29
Paper cup, paper bowl from raw materials, The paper) The goods ( Molding paper cup, paper bowl) Required to pass through three steps: printing, die cutting, shaping, and from the paper boxes just two procedures: die cutting, molding. Now in addition to the larger manufacturers, independent complete process, most of the investors in the beginning will two process printing and die cutting out. Way can reduce the investment; Both printing process strongly professional. By the professional printing factory do more can guarantee the quality; A printing press pressure creasing machine (peace Die cutting) Production speed can match four paper cup machine, otherwise it will cause equipment idle. Due to these reasons, we recommend investors to start investing in the project, only for molding process, the two process printing, die cutting entrusted to nearby printing vendors to complete. The two working procedure cost only account for less than 1/20 of the price, there is no effect on profit basically. Of course, if you want to mass production, supporting yourself better, so that we can reduce the intermediate links, to provide the production efficiency. Ping pressure creasing machine, printing machine I company has production.
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